Sustainability plays a key
role for Endeka.

Sustainability plays a key role for Endeka. We are highly committed to the preservation of our environment and the prevention of environmental contamination. We strive for the creation of solutions for the ceramic sector without compromising the potential development of future generations when manufacturing our products and services. We believe and take pride in our work towards assuring sustainable quality and environmental friendliness in all of our processes.

We pride ourselves on our philosophy of on-going, year-on-year temperature reduction in ceramic manufacture to lower energy costs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in order to minimise environmental damage. We dedicate all our effort on developing proactive environmental policies targeted to minimizing energy use while reusing all possible inputs in all our productive processes.

Endeka is pleased to have been awarded the ISO 14001:2004 environmental management certificate, which certifies that we fulfil all legal requirements in our attempt to manage environmental impact and constantly improve environmental performance.